Your story. Anytime and anywhere.

HoloMeet lets you communicate with your target audience through lifelike holograms, in a personal and impactful way. Wherever and whenever you want, without an agenda full of appointments.

Step 1

Production state of the art holograms

The holograms are produced by 4DR Studios. This is the first and only volumetric capturing studio in The Netherlands. In this studio, people are filmed moving and speaking in 3D, by 32 cameras. With a lifelike hologram as the end result. Organisations such as PSV, Warner Music, Studio 100 and Philips have already used this brand new technology.

Step 2

Publication AR Experience in HoloMeet

Life-size or miniature

How do you want your hologram to appear? Life-size right in front of you or a miniature version on your coffee table?

Available for Apple and Android

HoloMeet is available for Apple and Android to download for free in the app stores.

Easy and fast to use

With only a few simple steps the hologram will appear.

Top quality augmented reality

With ARKit and ARCore, HoloMeet uses the best AR software currently available.


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Office & Volumetric Studio
Videolab, Torenallee 20
5617 BC, Eindhoven

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HoloMeet is a product of 4DR Studios

Volumetric captures created with HOLOSYS by 4DViews

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